My First Post

Hello there! This is a brand new wordpress site by the one and only Vikram Shankar Mathur (webmaster@vsmathur.co.in). Except for this one post, all my future posts will be about the #Magic of #Javascript! A long time back, at the insistence of my friends, I had begun learning JavaScript and frankly, was doing mostly the copy-and-paste stuff, and then understanding what really happened with the code I had used. But I soon got tired of it, because in those days, my priorities were very different than what they are today.

So, I am just going to share some of the links that lead back to my social media pages here, pardon my selfishness at this moment because I do have a host of other things planned up my sleeve, except this one time !! So, here goes:

CA Vikram Shankar Mathur (WebMaster)


Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Node.js programming looks pretty simple to implement, referring to Step 1 to Step 3 above. The amazing thing is you can actually create a web server in literally three steps, and not a lot of coding to be done too! Note: This is the first step you ought to take to start programming your Javascript D we velopment.

In later posts, I will be sharing how you can use Node.js in programming an instance of Excel 2016 and even write VBA Code to the new worksheet! Cheers!!

CA Vikram S. Mathur

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